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Photo Credit: Brian Ahern

"Inside each one of us is a brilliant light–a healthy, joyful, and optimistic energy.           When unleashed, that energy creates our most cherished memories."  Luke O'Neill, Founder



We specialize in capturing people and places in their best light.  Founded by Luke O'Neill in 2005, Brilliant Light Studios provides photographic services to adventure and travel companies, outfitters, schools, colleges, event planners, architects, and teams of people committed to bring out the best in each other.  We also lead exciting and educational photo expeditions, assembling teams of both professional and amateur photographers who seek to explore the world, capture its beauty, and become more proficient with both camera and editing skills.  Brilliant Light Studios is based in Gloucester, Massachusetts.

  • Let us capture the moments of brilliant light for you, your family, friends or team.  
  • Join one of our photo expedition teams as we travel in search of brilliant light.  
  • Become proficient with your camera and the latest in editing software.



Luke O'Neill has been capturing "brilliant light" since he built a working homemade camera for a 7th grade science fair.  Throughout his career in law, education, and leadership development Luke has made the camera an essential tool for creating vibrant learning cultures, sharing the power of the expedition experience, and reminding people how beautiful they are when they are at their best.  His images are featured regularly in Outward Bound catalogues and websites where he has served as a instructor since 1990.  He continues to lead sea kayaking, mountaineering, backpacking, sailing, and scuba expeditions in locations that include the North Cascades, San Juan Islands, Maine, Panama, Croatia, Florida Keys & Everglades.  In recent years, Luke has led  expeditions with leaders from Israel and the Palestinian Territories for Outward Bound Peacebuilding.